New question today from Kylie Jenn!

Thank you for all your support yesterday, we received an email about the motherboard you recommended for John, we have contacted him and forwarded the email to him so he could read it himself as well, I’m glad our community is so eager to help each other!


Today I bring you a new question from Kylie Jenn this time, she owns an old embroidery machine and she was looking to get a new one, however she doesn’t know which one she should go for, we have done some google search and sent her the best embroidery machine for sale article that we found, however we wanted someone who’s more experienced than us to help her out, just like yesterday, if you know the answer and wish to help then please contact us or Kylie directly, just send us an email or use the comment section below.


Thank you and hope we can help Kylie together!

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